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Thanksgiving in New Orleans: Where to Find the Best Pecan Pie

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New Orleans Pecan Pie 

Pecan pie, with its rich, buttery filling and crunchy nutty topping, is a cherished Southern delicacy that has woven its way into the heart of the Thanksgiving tradition. Its blend of sweet and savory captures the essence of fall festivities. While many families have their cherished homemade recipes, New Orleans boasts a plethora of places to find this delectable treat for those who prefer buying to baking. 

Windowsill Pies 

Thanksgiving in New Orleans pecan pie from Windowsill Pies

Located at 4714 Freret Street, Windowsill Pies crafts a historical experience in each bite of their delicious pecan pie. Utilizing local ingredients like Louisiana pecans, cane syrup, and honey, alongside Madagascar vanilla beans and Maker’s Mark, they create a taste reflective of the South’s rich food traditions. Their pecan pie, priced at $45 for a 9-inch pie, is a blend of local flavors and a secret ingredient, offering a scrumptious option for your Thanksgiving dinner. With produce such as eggs, milk, wheat, and pecans, it’s a wholesome choice embodying a slice of history and Southern culinary heritage. 

La Boulangerie 

La Boulangerie on Magazine Street during Thanksgiving in New Orleans

For an exquisite pecan pie experience, La Boulangerie is the go-to place. Their pecan pie, priced at a reasonable $35, serves 8-10 people, making it a delightful addition to your Thanksgiving spread. Besides pecan pie, this French bakery offers a range of other scrumptious desserts like chocolate, coconut, and red velvet cakes, as well as tarts and cream puffs topped with chocolate ganache, ensuring a sweet ending to your festive meal. Their diverse dessert menu makes it a one-stop destination for rounding off your holiday feast with a dash of sweetness and tradition. 

Gracious Bakery 

Thanksgiving in New Orleans Gracious Bakery Pecan Pie

With outlets on St. Charles and Prytania Street, Gracious Bakery presents a distinctive pecan pie experience. At $40, their pie is adorned with local Louisiana pecans and has a unique twist with a splash of Sazerac Praline liqueur. This blend of traditional flavors with a touch of local liqueur makes their pecan pie a savory choice, offering a delightful blend of New Orleans’ culinary spirit in every bite. Their convenient locations and the unique taste profile makes Gracious Bakery pecan pie a standout option for Thanksgiving enthusiasts. 

Mr. B’s Bistro 

Thanksgiving in New Orleans Mr. B's Bistro Pecan Pie

Venturing out for a fancier Thanksgiving setting? Mr. B’s Bistro is your spot. Their delectable pecan pie comes with a caramel drizzle, elevating the classic dessert. Each slice is topped with vanilla ice cream, adding a creamy contrast to the crunchy pecans. This blend of warm pie, cool ice cream, and sweet caramel at Mr. B’s Bistro not only satisfies your pecan pie craving but does so with a touch of elegance. So whether you’re a party of 2 or a party of 20, this incredible Creole restaurant will make your holiday dining experience truly special! 

Find More Things to be Grateful for During New Orleans Walking Tours 

While a cozy Thanksgiving dinner with family warms the heart, stepping into the enchanting streets of the French Quarter adds a dash of adventure to your gratitude celebration. That’s why New Orleans walking tours offer a captivating experience, where local guides unveil the rich history and vibrant culture that makes this area so unique. Embrace the architectural beauty, historic landmarks, and the spirited ambiance as you stroll through the picturesque streets on a French Quarter tour. This Thanksgiving, extend your appreciation beyond the dinner table and let the wonders of the French Quarter tour unfold a new chapter of gratitude in your heart!

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New Orleans Legendary Walking Tours
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