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Meet The Legendary Team

New Orleans Legendary Walking Tours is dedicated to showing visitors the very best that New Orleans has to offer. During any walking tour of the French Quarter, cemeteries, or Garden District, you will see sights unique to the Crescent City that you will find in no other part of the country. All of our tour guides are local, certified, and passionate about New Orleans history and culture. We take pride in offering tours that are not only entertaining, but also historically accurate and informative.

We are a Pelican New Orleans company, founded and operated by locals who are passionate about the Big Easy. We remain a proudly family-owned company.

Explore the secrets of New Orleans firsthand as the city’s most knowledgeable tour guides bring history to life. We can’t wait to share our love of the city with you.

Michael Fridge

Vice President, The Legendary Walking

If he could be anywhere in the world: on a Texas ranch.

The best part of his job: Working with our team members, growing tourism, and show casing New Orleans.

A little more about Mike: After attending William Carey College, I began working with Cajun Encounters as the General Manager. I’m now the Vice President of PNO, and in the 14 years I’ve been with the company, I’ve seen us grow to almost 200 employees and 5 different companies. I’m married to my lovely wife, Heather, and we have four amazingly adorable children. I enjoy hunting and am very involved with my church and volunteer opportunities.

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Justin Fauth

Director of Concierge Services, The Legendary Walking

If he could be anywhere in the world: New Orleans, because it’s got it all!

The best part of his job: Hearing the great stories of how our Concierge team makes life-long memories for guests.

A little more about Justin: I’ve worked as a Concierge for the past 16 years at luxury properties in New Orleans and Las Vegas, having come most recently from a management position at The Ritz-Carlton New Orleans. I love exploring the many cultural opportunities the city of New Orleans offers, as well as spending time in the parks and natural areas. Some of my favorite pastimes include running, swimming and building furniture.

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Melissa Meilleur

Director of Finance, The Legendary Walking

If she could be anywhere in the world: I loved Hawaii when we visited on our honeymoon, and would love to go back. The sights were amazing. We climbed Diamondhead (and I’m not even a climber!)

The best part of her job: I love dealing with money and organizing my files (seriously!)

A little more about Melissa: I joined PNO after studying Accounting in college. I love fishing and spending time with my family. One of my favorite things to do is take my kids to the park and just have a great time!

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Allison Meguess

Human Resources Representative, The Legendary Walking

If she could be anywhere in the world: At home in the middle of a Harry Potter marathon with my family.

The best part of her job: Getting to know all of the wonderfulemployees that work for our company.

A little more about Allison: I love New Orleans, a good belly laugh, and believe that a company’s employees are their most valuable investment!

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