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New Orleans Attractions: Luna Fete 2023

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Featured Image Credit: Arts Council of New Orleans

Discover the magic of New Orleans in a new light at LUNA Fête 2023! This unique festival shines bright, celebrating its 10th Anniversary Edition this upcoming December. As the sun sets, the city comes alive with glowing artworks, dazzling costumes, and stunning displays of creativity. Dive into this radiant celebration, showcasing the perfect blend of light, art, and technology that makes LUNA Fête a must-see New Orleans attraction this winter.

Overview of the Annual LUNA Fête Festival

LUNA Fête 2023 attendees viewing a light display

Embrace the brilliance of LUNA Fête, a gem crafted by Arts New Orleans to showcase the remarkable artistic power in community transformation. This enchanting festival, fun for all, merges light, art, and technology, celebrating the city’s creative pulse.

Since its dawn in 2014, LUNA Fête has spotlighted world-renowned light artists, while nurturing local talent through invaluable training, enabling them to craft large-scale, light-animated interactive art. This initiative has honed the artistic and technical skills of over 250 local artists and 60 youth, making it a beacon of learning and creativity in New Orleans. 

Event Highlights

LUNA Fête 2023 attendees in lighted costumes

Step into a world where fashion lights up the night. At LUNA Fête, illuminated costumes and couture steal the spotlight, creating a vibrant runway under the stars. Exciting international collaborations add a global touch, with the creative studio DECIDE KIT from Thailand showcasing a mesmerizing 15-minute projection that honors the art of costumery.

Better yet, the fun doesn’t stop there! The area blooms with light-based artworks by various artists, celebrating the rich culture and creativity of New Orleans. Each exhibit is a feast for the eyes, blending tradition and technology in a spectacle of light and color.

Venue and Dates

Ernest N. Morial Convention Center Pedestrian Park hosting LUNA Fête 2023

Mark your calendars for a magical journey from December 7th to 10th at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center Pedestrian Park. Each evening, as the sky dims from 6pm to 10pm, this venue springs to life, becoming a radiant stage for LUNA Fête’s glowing displays. Nestled by the Mississippi, the 7.5-acre park is a perfect backdrop for the festival’s luminous artworks and vibrant performances. With free admission and easy access through nearby parking lots, stepping into this glowing wonderland is a breeze. So, get ready to bask in the colorful allure of LUNA Fête 2023!

Book a New Orleans Walking Tour for the Full December Experience!

After reveling in the luminous wonders of LUNA Fête, continue the adventure with a New Orleans walking tour of the historic French Quarter. Step back in time as you stroll through charming streets brimming with centuries-old architecture and rich stories.

On our French Quarter tour, every corner unveils a new chapter of New Orleans’ vibrant heritage. Don’t miss this chance to explore the heart of the city’s culture and history. Book your French Quarter tour today and make your winter visit to New Orleans an unforgettable journey through art, light, and history!

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