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Unveiling Hidden Treasures: Top Abandoned Places in New Orleans

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Welcome to a captivating journey of urban exploration in the vibrant city of New Orleans! Discover the hidden treasures tucked away in the abandoned corners of this historic metropolis. From the haunting remains of Six Flags after Hurricane Katrina to the faded glory of Charity Hospital, we unveil the enigmatic stories behind these forgotten sites. Join us as we delve into the allure of decay, uncover the rich history, and appreciate the haunting beauty of these urban exploration gems. But remember, safety and respect for these relics are paramount as we navigate the past and preserve its memory for generations to come.

Six Flags New Orleans

abandoned places in new orleans broken six flags swing ride
Photographer: Kristina Rogers

Uncover the secrets of New Orleans’ most intriguing urban exploration site: the abandoned Six Flags amusement park. Once a bustling and lively attraction, it fell victim to the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Swamped by floodwaters, the park’s rides and structures were left to decay, transforming it into an eerie and hauntingly beautiful ghost town. As nature reclaimed its territory, Six Flags New Orleans became a captivating destination for adventurous urbex enthusiasts seeking to glimpse the remnants of a bygone era. 

Holy Cross School 

abandoned places in new orleans Holy Cross school exterior during the day

The Holy Cross School in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward, once a historical institution, fell victim to Hurricane Katrina’s devastating floods. After relocating to a new campus in Gentilly, the original site struggled with stagnant plans for mixed-income housing. Initially criticized for its scale, a new proposal has emerged, featuring a 140-apartment complex within the old school building and several new structures. Despite some consensus on its potential, the Holy Cross School troubled history is evident in the nearly two-dozen past violations, including demolition by neglect and lack of maintenance, with two remaining unresolved cases. 

Haunting Beauty of Charity Hospital 

abandoned places in new orleans Charity Hospital during the day

Enter the haunting world of Charity Hospital in New Orleans, once a beacon of hope for medical care and a symbol of resilience. Established in the early 18th century by a French shipbuilder, it played a vital role during disasters like the Yellow Fever outbreak. However, Hurricane Katrina severely damaged the hospital in 2005, leading to its closure. With a rich history of medical advancements and tragedies, this abandoned facility now stands as a ghostly reminder of the past, beckoning urban explorers to unveil its dark and mysterious tales. 

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Embark on a captivating journey through New Orleans’ storied past with a French Quarter tour, an amazing walking experience that brings the city’s history to life. While safety precautions restrict entry to abandoned places, you’ll still have tons of fun delving into the rich tapestry of New Orleans’ heritage and exploring landmarks like Jackson Square.  

A knowledgeable French Quarter tour guide will unravel tales of resilience, tragedy, and triumph, allowing you to connect with the spirit of the city. Discover the charm of the French Quarter on this immersive New Orleans walking tour that unveils the secrets and mysteries of its hauntingly beautiful past. 

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New Orleans Legendary Walking Tours
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