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Famous Street in New Orleans: Julia Street

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Gallery Fever 

While art is literally everywhere in NOLA, contemporary art lovers in search of upscale galleries should head straight to Julia Street. Located in the downtown area of the city in the Warehouse Arts District, Julia Street is the premier street-scale destination for stylish, vibrant, and thought-provoking modern art. Experience the buzz on this famous street in New Orleans by taking a stroll and seeing what catches your eye! 

Julia Street History

Historic photo of a building on the corner of Julia Street in New Orleans, LA

The Warehouse Arts District was once the core of New Orleans’ shipping and manufacturing industries. As the modern name suggests, this part of downtown was historically characterized by warehouses storing cotton, coffee, sugar, iron foundries, and countless other commodities that were on their way up or down the Mississippi River. In the decades after World War II, dramatic restructuring of shipping and transportation methods in the United States gradually made concentrated downtown warehouse areas like this one economically obsolete.

In New Orleans, the 1984 World’s Fair provided the impetus and investment for reinventing the Warehouse District. Art galleries were essential contributors to this transformation. These bastions of creativity were instrumental in providing the neighborhood with a fresh culture and identity. As the number of galleries grew, Julia Street emerged as their epicenter, eventually establishing itself as a newly famous street in the Big Easy.  

Must-See Galleries

With its array of richly diverse galleries, Julia Street offers a wealth of art exploration opportunities. Whether you prefer modern pieces or more traditional fare, there is something for all tastes. Make sure to prioritize your visits and check out some of the street’s most beloved stops- each one an intriguing story waiting to be heard. 

Arthur Roger Gallery

Art exhibits and displays inside the Arthur Roger Gallery on Julia Street in New Orleans, LA
Source: Arthur Roger Gallery, 432 Julia St, New Orleans

Located on 432 Julia Street, the Arthur Roger Gallery has been a fixture on this famous thoroughfare since the earliest days of New Orleans’ art scene. From its early role in organizing Louisiana Arts exhibitions at the 1984 World’s Fair to hosting exciting works from local and international artists today, it continues to be a key connection between our beloved city and other global arts cultures. Come explore this incredible gallery which is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm, you won’t regret it! 

Gallery 600 Julia 

Explore the breathtaking beauty of Louisiana through art at Gallery 600! Curated by renowned art historian Susan Saward, this magical exhibition brings to life rustic agricultural landscapes and picturesque cityscapes from all around The Pelican State. Open Monday-Saturday between 9:30 am – 4 pm on 600 Julia Street, discover the unique connection between current artistic trends and traditional Southern culture that only Gallery 600 can offer. Don’t miss an opportunity to be moved by the true Louisiana spirit! 

Jonathan Ferrara Gallery 

A man walks past the Jonathan Ferrara Gallery on Julia Street in New Orleans, LA
Source: Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, 400A Julia St, New Orleans

Experience the thought-provoking world of Jonathan Ferrara Gallery! Located at 400A Julia Street, this innovative gallery specializes in contemporary sociopolitical art forms and mediums. Be amazed by stimulating paintings, sculptures, installations – you name it. Featured by international publications like The New York Times and Art In America; this artful abode opens 10 am – 5 pm Tuesday through Saturday or by appointment. Don’t miss the opportunity to step into an inspiring artistic world and come by to discover the power of art now! 

There’s More Art Outside 

As you walk through downtown to Julia Street’s galleries, you may notice some of New Orleans’ most enduring “public artwork” – the city’s historic architecture! Visual flair has been a defining aspect of New Orleans culture since day one. You can learn all about the city’s earliest artisans and designers, as well as how the city came to be on a French Quarter walking tour.  

In addition to architecture, a French Quarter tour will teach you all about the culture, cuisine, and music that is concentrated in the city’s most historic part of town. With professional guides sharing their expertise along the way, you won’t want to miss out on exploring one of America’s oldest cities in style! Book your tour with New Orleans Legendary Walking Tours today! 

New Orleans Legendary Walking Tours

New Orleans Legendary Walking Tours
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