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Fun Things to do in New Orleans This Winter

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Winter in New Orleans

New Orleans winters are significantly milder than their Northern counterparts, making the Crescent City an appealing escape during the colder months. Most of the fun things to do in New Orleans are in full swing throughout the season, and some of them even take place during the winter exclusively! Here are just a few of the exciting activities you can enjoy in New Orleans thanks to a much warmer winter climate.  

Catch a Mardi Gras Parade

Krewe of Rex Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans

Mardi Gras Day takes place in February or early March, making it a predominantly winter holiday. On top of that, the Carnival season actually begins over a month before Fat Tuesday – many of the most beloved Mardi Gras parades happen two weeks or more before Mardi Gras Day. Visitors who want to catch some beads without enduring the crowds and chaos of Mardi Gras Weekend, are encouraged to check out the parade schedule on the Mardi Gras website to see which parades might line up with their winter trip to New Orleans. Don’t forget that all major parades are family-friendly! 

Enjoy Delicious Food

New Orleans gumbo from Galatoire's Restaurant
Source: Galatoire's Restaurant

Winter in New Orleans provides a great opportunity to enjoy the majestic interiors of the city’s most historic restaurants, including places like Galatoire’s and the Napoleon House. These “grande dames” of the New Orleans food culture are some of the United States’ oldest eateries, and have the antique-laden dining rooms to prove it. Prepare yourself for stunning presentations of classic Creole dishes like gumbo and shrimp remoulade delivered by gracious staff that embody Southern hospitality.  

Check Out a Museum

National WW2 Museum in New Orleans

New Orleans offers an incredible selection of museums and other experiences that draw in visitors from around the globe. In the Central Business District, you’ll find the largest World War II Museum in the nation. If that’s not enough, take a stroll over to the French Quarter where the New Orleans Jazz Museum awaits your visit, and see how the history and culture of jazz music came to be.

But it doesn’t end there — no New Orleans vacation is complete without a stop at City Park where the New Orleans Museum of Art is located. For a truly immersive experience into fine arts like no other, visitors can also wander through the beautiful oak trees that envelope City Park and its incredible Art Museum. Plus, it’s wintertime in New Orleans — so while there may still be below freezing temperatures up north, down here you can revel in sunny skies and mild weather instead.

Experience Famous Landmarks

New Orleans has a fascinating history that can be experienced through amazing architecture and iconic landmarks. It’s most visible in the historic French Quarter, where visitors are surrounded by grand Creole-style houses and buildings. At the heart of it all stands Jackson Square, which was established more than three centuries ago. It proudly holds a magnificent bronze statue of President Andrew Jackson and is complemented by several impressive structures nearby, such as the renowned St. Louis Cathedral. Year-round, locals and tourists alike can enjoy all that the historic French Quarter has to offer — from outdoor art displays, live performances on special occasions to everyday family strolls. There really is no other place like New Orleans!

Tie it All Together with a Walking Tour

A visit to New Orleans in the winter is a real treat! With its fascinating cultural attractions, no matter how long you stay there’s always more to explore. One way to maximize your experience is by taking a New Orleans walking tour. Not only will you get up close and personal with the city’s must-see sights, but you’ll also gain a valuable insight into its multi-faceted history. With local tour guides delving deep into the rich heritage of the Big Easy, you’ll be provided with an incredibly enlightening and entertaining way to learn about it all.

By highlighting historic neighborhoods, both a French Quarter tour and a Garden District tour acquaint visitors with the people, places and events that make New Orleans such an incredible place. Go explore all that this city has to offer with a New Orleans walking tour, and you’re sure to be rewarded with an amazing experience.  

New Orleans Legendary Walking Tours

New Orleans Legendary Walking Tours
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