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Famous Street in New Orleans: Magazine Street 

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New Orleans is a city well-known for its plethora of historic streets, from the infamous Bourbon Street and its vibrant nightlife, to Decatur Street with its signature Café Du Monde coffee and beignet shop. If this is your first time visiting New Orleans, or you are a local seeking a fun day out in the city, you may wonder which of the historic streets in New Orleans you should visit first. Might we suggest: Magazine Street!

This six-mile-long thoroughfare skirts the banks of the beautiful Mississippi River, making its way from the Central Business District through the Garden District and Uptown New Orleans. Attracting locals and tourists alike, Magazine Street boasts an eclectic mix of specialty boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants that are sure to satisfy anyone that pays a visit.

Wondering what your first stop ought to be when visiting Magazine Street in New Orleans? Fortunately, we’ve outlined a few of our favorite hotspots located along this famed avenue:

Shopping on Magazine Street

Magazine Street in New Orleans
Home Malone. Source:

If you love shopping, then you will love Magazine Street! To say you can find anything when shopping here is an understatement. Amongst a charming display of antique homes, the stores on Magazine Street boasts a colorful mix of renovated warehouses and small boutiques selling anything from housewares, pottery, and antique furniture to books, art, music records, clothing, fine jewelry, and many other products.

Looking to expand your wardrobe? If you like vintage, Funky Monkey and Century Girl Vintage are well worth a visit. If you dig a more modern style, Swap Boutique, Elle Boutique, and Monomin are all great options for women, while Vegas and Indochino offer both formal and casual attire for men.

Rather than clothing, perhaps you’re looking to pick up some new home décor to freshen up your living space – Hazelnut and Home Malone are perfect spots to stop by and look for that special piece. Whatever you seek, there is a shop for you on Magazine Street in New Orleans.

Dining on Magazine Street

Magazine Street in New Orleans
Mahony's Po-Boys & Seafood. Source:

After a long day of shopping, you and your group will no doubt be hungry. Luckily for you, there is no shortage of New Orleans Magazine Street restaurants serving a wide variety of both local and international cuisine. If you’re looking for something quick and easy, or just simply desire a much-needed caffeine boost to get past that dreaded afternoon slump, stop into one of the many Magazine Street cafes such as Mojo Coffee House or DeVille Coffee House & Crêperie, where you can pick up a shot of espresso and a sweet pastry.

On the flip side, if your feet are dragging and you’d rather have a longer sit-down meal, fret not! There are plenty of dine-in restaurants on Magazine Street offering a variety of cuisine. Stop by Shaya’s for some authentic Israeli cuisine or pay a visit to The Rum House if you’re a lover of South American and Caribbean food and drink.

If it’s local cuisine you’re after, look no further than Mahony’s Po-boys & Seafood, where you can choose from a variety of classic New Orleans dishes including crawfish etouffee, red beans, and seafood gumbo. And if all else fails, check out The Daily Beet’s Magazine Street location for vegetarian and vegan dishes locally sourced from the New Orleans area. Whatever your dining preference, Magazine Street has a place for you!

Nightlife on Magazine Street

Magazine Street in New Orleans
The Bulldog. Source:

When you think of New Orleans nightlife, Magazine Street probably isn’t the first that pops into mind – chances are, it’s Bourbon Street. However, don’t let Rue Bourbon steal all the glory when it comes to having a good time in New Orleans after hours. There are plenty of pubs and bars on Magazine Street that are perfect for grabbing a drink before heading out on the town or stopping in for a nightcap after dinner.

If you’re looking to kick back with a margarita in hand, be sure to stop by Juan’s Flying Burrito, where you can also grab a bite of Tex-Mex if you’re feeling hungry. For lovers of all things beer (and dogs), The Bulldog is a must. With more than 50 draughts to choose from, this place is worth checking out. If it’s great live music you’re after, then Le Bon Temps Roule Bar is the perfect spot to sit back and relax with a drink in hand. With so many options, a New Orleans walking tour will give you the perfect opportunity to explore Magazine Street and experience the vibrant nightlife this historic avenue has to offer.

New Orleans Legendary Walking Tours

Magazine Street in New Orleans has plenty to offer both tourists and locals alike, with its lively atmosphere and an impressive number of shops, restaurants, and bars. For those seeking an authentic experience that captures the true character of New Orleans, look no further than a French Quarter walking tour with New Orleans Legendary Walking Tours!

This unique walking tour in New Orleans will allow you to experience the dynamic culture and atmosphere that makes the Crescent City so special. Whether you’re from the area or just visiting, this is one tour that you won’t want to miss out on. So, what are you waiting for? Book a New Orleans walking tour today!

New Orleans Legendary Walking Tours
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