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The Incredible New Orleans Street Art: Murals, Graffiti, and More

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Art in New Orleans

Street art has become an integral part of the cultural landscape in many cities around the world, and New Orleans is no exception. From the vibrant colors of graffiti to the intricate murals that adorn buildings, street art is visible throughout the Crescent City, offering a unique perspective on the rich cultural heritage of New Orleans.

Over the years, the city has emerged as a hub for street artists, who have used their work to highlight social issues, celebrate local traditions, and showcase their artistic talents. In this blog post, we will explore the evolution of street art in New Orleans, its impact on the artistic scene, and the many popular locations where it can be found. 

Brandan Odums’ Light Mural 

New Orleans street art light mural by Brandan Odums

New Orleans boasts a lively and diverse art scene that includes an impressive array of street art. Among the most captivating examples of this art form is the Light Mural, designed by the talented artist and activist Brandan Odums in 2016. The striking mural features a captivating portrait of a young girl accompanied by a touching poem by the esteemed writer, Cleo Wade.

This awe-inspiring image resembles a religious icon, and its presence in the historic Bywater neighborhood is truly breathtaking. In a city already brimming with culture and history, the Light Mural stands out as a shining example of the incredible creativity and talent of New Orleans’ local artists. 

Lil Wayne Mural by CeAux 

New Orleans street art Lil Wayne mural in Hollygrove

New Orleans art has been buzzing with a vibrant energy ever since muralist Courtney “CeAux” Buckley brought Lil Wayne to life on 8401 Olive Street in the Hollygrove neighborhood. This stunning piece of artwork not only captivated the attention of locals, but also made its way into Drake’s music video for “In My Feelings,” garnering national recognition for the incredible talent that resides in the city. It’s no wonder why New Orleans has become such a hub for street art, with its rich history and unique culture that inspires artists to honor their roots while pushing creative boundaries.

Gasa Gasa

new orleans street art

New Orleans is a melting pot of diverse cultures, and their art spills out on the streets, flowing through the city and adding a vibrant and colorful streak to the urban landscape. The Gasa Gasa music club, situated on Freret Street, is adorned with a stunning mural created by German artists MTO and commissioned by the owner, Micah Burns.

This unique artwork depicts four males shouting, with one even screaming through a copy of The Fall. These images of anguish capture the call for help and the yearning for youth, providing a catharsis for the observers. Additionally, on the opposite wall, graffiti artist AZ, a local artist reminiscent of Banksy, has left his mark creating an edgy counterpoint to MTO’s poignant mural.  


new orleans street art

New Orleans is a city of art, music, and maximum expression. One of the most celebrated street artists in the world, Banksy, left his mark on the city in 2008 with 17 intricate and thought-provoking pieces depicting scenes from Hurricane Katrina. Even though many of these works have been destroyed or covered up, a few still remain, like the iconic girl with an umbrella on Kerlerec and North Rampart streets.

In addition, Banksy’s controversial masterpiece, showcasing National Guardsmen looting during Katrina, can still be viewed in the lobby of The International House Hotel. The colorful and vibrant street art of New Orleans serves as a powerful reminder of the strength and resilience of its people, while also adding to the city’s overall charm and character.

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