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What to Expect on a Garden District Walking Tour 

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New Orleans is a city with a rich history and culture, and the Garden District is one of its most beloved neighborhoods, making it a very popular tourist destination in New Orleans. This historic neighborhood is known for its large mansions and lush gardens, where visitors can take a Garden District walking tour with New Orleans Legendary Walking Tours and see the district with its impressive homes, all while learning about the rich history.

History of the New Orleans Garden District

Garden District walking tour

The Garden District was originally developed in the 19th century as a residential area for wealthy citizens. The architecture of the district is a mix of French and Spanish influences, and many of the mansions feature intricate ironwork and stained glass. The Garden District was originally laid out as the Faubourg Livaudais in 1832, made up of the Livaudais plantation. In 1833, this region became the City of Lafayette and was formally incorporated into New Orleans by 1852.

In addition to its architectural significance, the Garden District is also mentioned in the National Register of Historic Places and is home to several important landmarks, such as the Lafayette Cemetery. Whether you’re interested in history or simply want to enjoy a leisurely stroll through a beautiful neighborhood, the Garden District is sure to delight. 

Lafayette Cemetery

Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 is one of the oldest city-governed cemeteries in New Orleans. Named after the City of Lafayette, which was annexed to the City of New Orleans as the Fourth District, this cemetery has become one of the most popular tourist spots in the Garden District.

This historic cemetery was established in 1833 and is the final resting place for many famous New Orleanians, including the Brunie family, who were very notable jazz musicians. Visitors can take a guided cemetery walking tour with New Orleans Legendary Walking Tours to learn more about the enigmatic history of Lafayette Cemetery No. 1.

Homes & Architecture

Garden District walking tour

As you walk through the Garden District, you’ll notice the many grand mansions that line the streets. These homes were built by some of New Orleans’ most wealthy citizens in the 1800s and are a prime example of the city’s architectural diversity. Many homes were constructed in the center of two large lots (60′ x 120′) surrounded by landscaped grounds, which were frequently bordered by big iron fences and even masonry walls that are set back from the road with large gardens. 

Several residences were built in the late antebellum period in a variety of architectural styles, including Greek Revival raised center hall cottages, side hall townhouses, and 2-story 5-bay center halls with double galleries. Shotgun-style houses began to be built in the late 1840s and continued until around 1910. Some of the most notable homes in the Garden District include The Beauregard-Keyes House, The Hermann-Grima House, and The Pontalba Buildings.

New Orleans Legendary Walking Tours

If you’re interested in taking a New Orleans Garden District Walking Tour, New Orleans Legendary Walking Tours will definitely meet the need! Our knowledgeable guides will take you on a tour through this historic neighborhood and tell you all about its fascinating history. We offer group tours which take you through the most amazing sites that the Garden District has to offer. Contact us today to learn more and secure your spot!

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