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New Orleans Sightseeing Tours: Haunted French Quarter Landmarks

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Step into the vibrant heart of the American South, where history intertwines with the inexplicable. New Orleans, renowned for its captivating French Quarter, boasts a rich tapestry of stories involving restless spirits and eerie buildings. This enigmatic city has garnered a reputation for its spectral encounters and haunted locales. From lingering ghosts to age-old tales, this journey invites you to delve deeper into the intriguing and haunted landmarks of the French Quarter, where the past and the paranormal converge, waiting to be unveiled. 

Hermann-Grima House

new orleans sightseeing tours inside the hermann grima house dining room

The Hermann-Grima House, an elegant Federal-style residence constructed in 1831, has a reputation for being haunted by friendly spirits. Originally built by William Brand for Samuel Hermann, the house was later owned by Felix Grima, who added a stable and carriage house in the 1870s, making it the only surviving stable in the French Quarter. 

Today, this historic museum and shop are frequented by spectral inhabitants who appear content with the renovations. Witnesses have reported encountering the scent of roses and lavender in the air, and on chilly mornings, the fireplace has been known to mysteriously light itself, hinting at the lingering presence of these otherworldly residents. 

Mahogany Jazz Hall 

new orleans sightseeing tours mahogany jazz hall performance on stage

The Mahogany Jazz Hall in the French Quarter carries haunting stories from its past. Initially a hostel and lodge under the care of Fred Folks in 1888, it’s believed to be haunted by three tragic souls. Charles Murphy, an English cobbler who had been in New Orleans for two years, met his demise by hanging himself. 

Then, George Kreis, an impoverished German immigrant, met a similar fate two years later by a shooting himself with a gun he saved up for by working long hours at a bakery (a job that Folks helped him find). Another two years later, Scotty Boyle, a homeless man who frequented the lodge’s doorstep was shot right in front of the building, further adding to the eerie history of this place. 

The Bourbon Orleans 

new orleans sightseeing tours bourbon orleans building

The Bourbon Orleans Hotel, steeped in history, carries a haunting legacy. It once housed the Orleans Theatre and Ballroom, designed by Henry Latrobe, the architect of the U.S. Capitol. In 1881, the Sisters of the Holy Family converted the former ballroom into a convent, housing the first African-American religious orders in the United States. 

Today, The Bourbon Orleans consists of ghostly tales abound, with reported sightings of a Confederate soldier, spectral children, and nuns from the former convent and orphanage. The presence of a lonely ghost dancer adds to its eerie reputation, ranking the Bourbon Orleans Hotel among the top 10 most haunted hotels in the U.S. according to USA Today’s 10Best. 

Le Petit Theatre 

new orleans sightseeing tours le petit theatre performers in costumes

The historic Le Petit Theatre, nestled at 616 St. Peter Street, carries with it a haunting tale. Amidst its atmospheric halls, visitors have reported eerie encounters with specters of the past. One ghostly presence is Caroline, a 1930s actress who met a tragic end when she fell from the balcony, still dressed in her wedding gown for that night’s performance. Another apparition is the captain, who forever occupies his balcony seat, yearning for a glimpse of the actresses he once adored. Their lingering spirit infuses the theater with a palpable sense of both history and the supernatural. 

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New Orleans Legendary Walking Tours
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