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New Orleans Ghost Tour
Explore America's Most Haunted City!

New Orleans Ghost Tour

The city of New Orleans needs no embellishment or made-up ghost stories: our true history of scandal, murder, betrayal, and disease is far more incredible than anything a person could make up. Find out why New Orleans is the most haunted city in the U.S. as you hear the history of New Orleans, with a dark twist.

Allow our expert guides to lead you through the historic French Quarter as the sun sets, bringing you face to face with the most haunted buildings in the country. You’ll learn the origins of some of the most chilling events, legends, and crimes dating back to the Civil War, and hear anecdotes of present-day paranormal activity occurring across the city.

As you traverse the narrow, gas-lit streets of the French Quarter, you’ll uncover tales that weave together the fabric of New Orleans’ haunted past. Each building and alleyway has a story, from the infamous LaLaurie Mansion, where Madame Delphine LaLaurie’s horrifying acts of cruelty still echo through the corridors, to the Sultan’s Palace, a site of a gruesome massacre that left a permanent mark on the city’s history.

The ghostly apparitions of pirates, soldiers, and voodoo practitioners are said to roam the streets, their restless spirits a testament to the city’s tumultuous past. Hear the story of Jean Lafitte, the pirate who became a folk hero, and his hidden treasures rumored to be cursed. Learn about the tragic tale of the Ursuline Convent, where the spirits of young women, victims of yellow fever, are said to linger, their mournful cries heard on quiet nights.

Statue silhouette on the back of St. Louis Cathedral during a New Orleans Ghost Tour

New Orleans Ghost Tour

Hear the truth, rumors, and legends that make New Orleans a destination for history buffs and ghost hunters alike.

  • Haunting tales from the Andrew Jackson Hotel, Ursuline Convent and other centuries-old homes
  • The infamous Muriel’s Ghost
  • See where scenes from the hit TV series American Horror Story were filmed, and hear the terrifying, true story of Marie Delphine LaLaurie

All tours are approximately 2 hours.
Tour times: 5:30pm & 8:00pm daily
Adults: $29.99
Children under 12: $18.99

Convenient meeting location in the French Quarter at 941 Decatur Street (adjacent to the French Market and Cafe du Monde)

The tour doesn’t stop with the past; you’ll also hear about modern-day encounters with the supernatural. From eerie sightings in the shadowy corners of St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, where the Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau is buried, to the haunted bars and hotels where patrons have reported inexplicable phenomena, New Orleans is a city where the line between the living and the dead is intriguingly blurred.

Each stop on this journey through New Orleans’ haunted history is more than just a story; it’s a glimpse into the soul of a city that has endured and thrived through centuries of hardship and mystery. As the tour concludes, you might find yourself looking over your shoulder, wondering if one of the city’s restless spirits has followed you home. Discover the secrets and specters of New Orleans, where every stone and street holds a dark tale waiting to be told.

What you will see

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LaLaurie Mansion

LaLaurie Mansion, located in the heart of the French Quarter, is one of New Orleans' most infamous haunted locations. This grand but eerie home was once owned by Madame Delphine LaLaurie, whose shocking cruelty and dark history have led to countless reports of ghostly encounters. Guests on our ghost tour will hear spine-chilling tales of tortured spirits and mysterious happenings that continue to haunt the mansion to this day. Discover the secrets behind one of America's most haunted houses and prepare for an unforgettable experience filled with suspense and supernatural intrigue.
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Muriel's Jackson Square

Muriel's Jackson Square, nestled in the vibrant French Quarter, is a renowned dining spot with a haunted twist. This historic building, once a grand townhouse, is home to the friendly ghost of former owner Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan. Join our ghost tour to explore the eerie yet charming atmosphere of Muriel's, where ghostly whispers and unexplained phenomena are part of the dining experience. Hear fascinating tales of the restless spirits that wander its halls and discover why Muriel's is a beloved haunt for both locals and visitors seeking a taste of the supernatural.
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Ursuline Convent

Ursuline Convent

The Ursuline Convent, a historic gem in the heart of the French Quarter, is shrouded in mystery and eerie legends. As the oldest building in the Mississippi Valley, it has a long and storied past, with tales of restless spirits and unexplained occurrences. Join our ghost tour to uncover the haunted history of the Ursuline Convent, from the chilling story of the Casket Girls to the shadowy figures that roam its halls. Experience the spine-tingling atmosphere and hear firsthand accounts of paranormal activity that make this convent a must-visit for those intrigued by New Orleans' ghostly lore.
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Andrew Jackson Hotel

The Andrew Jackson Hotel, located in the historic French Quarter, is a charming inn with a haunting reputation. This picturesque hotel, once a boys' boarding school, is said to be home to the playful spirits of children and the ghost of a former caretaker. Join our ghost tour to explore the haunted history of the Andrew Jackson Hotel, where ghostly laughter and mysterious footsteps are often reported by guests. Hear the spine-chilling tales of paranormal encounters and learn why this hotel is a favorite stop for those seeking an authentic New Orleans ghost story.


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